Pole up!


Nope, that’s not me… but it might be one day! Although I stay active and am still in pretty good shape, I miss the great horsepower-to-weight ratio I used to have. (Translation: I’m a little heavier and a little weaker than I used to be, and it’s bugging me!)

I’m especially bothered by not being able to crank out pull-ups and swing around the rock gym like a monkey like I used to. Even though I used to be a personal trainer and know exactly what I need to do to regain that strength, I have a terrible time taking my own advice. I also hate workouts that feel like work. 

The solution: Find a brutally hard workout that’s tons of fun! Yup… pole dancing. I’ve started going to a studio that teaches both pole and fitness-oriented aerial yoga. I actually dig the aerial yoga more — TRX training ain’t got nothing on this! — but the pole is harder for me. It also has the added bonus of putting me way outside my comfort zone…

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 11.20.42 PM

…and I like that a lot, too. The only problem is that as far as secret talents/party tricks go, this one is going to be pretty hard to display…

Photo: Pole Dance (c) Michael Baron & Clarence Wret under CC BY-SA 2.0

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