Alaska has been pretty hot stuff in the media for a while now. I get it — this is a special place! And there are a lot of “Outside” writers who do a good job of covering Alaska topics. But Alaska is so large, so diverse, and in many ways so remote that if you want to truly understand this place, its people and its many cultures, you really need to live here.

My odometer is about to kick over to 27 years in state, and I love writing about all aspects of life here. Take a peek at some of my recently published articles on Alaska (click each image to see the full article):

Sept15 cover

Airborne in Alaska: Ziplining in Seward (Alaska magazine)

juvenile bald eagle

Tracking a bald eagle from birth (Alaska Dispatch News)

July15 cover

A wild itinerary for visitors to Anchorage (Alaska magazine)






trail on left_creek in middle_portage lake and portage glacier

Portage Pass delivers stunning glacier views (Alaska Dispatch News)

ADN photograph northern lights cover

Pro advice on finding and photographing the northern lights (Alaska Dispatch News)


Trying out Alaska’s cabin getaways (Alaska magazine)