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My new favorite tools for recording interviews

A couple of years ago, I purchased the Sound Studio Mac app to mix a couple of songs together for an ill-fated salsa/bachata performance. More on that… never. I felt pretty decent about it at the time,

Stuck on level 102…

Good writer: Applies herself studiously, never misses a deadline, and spends all her free time reading as a way of bettering her craft. Bad writer: Is getting pretty good at Candy Crush. But hey, at least she’s not alone!

Office for a day

This is where I spent the afternoon working. Self-employment: I think I’m doing it right. That said, I was a little perplexed when climbers showed up atop the cliff next door — and I think they might

Day job

I like to say that I don’t work at home–I live at work, which means I can never entirely escape. I wake up and the laptop is there, staring at me–reminding me that because I live in


This is a repost of a newsletter “dispatch” I wrote about my trip to Ireland. Please enjoy–I did! The Glenside Ceili Band was already making music when I stepped into St. Patrick’s Hall: Keyboard, drums and accordion.


I absolutely love the column I write for our local weekly, the Anchorage Press. It’s a pretty rockin’ little paper, and the column, “Crash Test Dummy“, covers a new activity every week. I never know what I’m

New word

Attention, world! I have created a new word. REPLAIN: (v) To reply and explain at the same time. Please update your dictionaries accordingly. Photograph by Tomasz Sienicki via Wikimedia Commons

At last!

Good writer: Creates an online portfolio/business website. Bad writer: Takes ten years to get around to it. Photo: “Leonid Pasternak – The Passion of creation” by Leonid Pasternak. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons.