Once upon a time, in a galaxy not so far away, I made my living as a personal trainer. Nowadays, I put that passion to work writing articles that make the world of fitness more accessible and relatable for everybody, for publications like SheKnows.com (one of the largest women’s websites in the world), Feel Rich and Breathe magazine.

Click the images for a few examples of my published fitness writing.


“Tone Away From Home” (Breathe magazine)


“Set Yourself Up for Fitness” (Breathe magazine)

5 Ways to Attract (and Retain) Good Trainers | Precor

“5 Ways to Attract and Retain Good Trainers” (Precor.com)

Ditch the gym every day of the week

“Ditch the Gym Every Day of the Week” (SheKnows.com)

Feel Rich 5 Things to Know About Health and Fitness

“5 Things to Know About Health and Fitness” (FeelRich.com)

Preventing numb feet on the elliptical trainer

“Preventing Numb Feet on the Elliptical Trainer” (ConsumerSearch/Productopia)