“Moon Alaska” wins Silver Award from North American Travel Journalists Association

I’m a little late to my own party here, but I had to take a (short) step back in time and share that in 2018 my travel guidebook, “Moon Alaska,” won a Silver Award in its category from the North American Travel Journalists Association. That means it placed second in the nation — not too shabby!

Perplexingly, even though the award was given in 2018, it’s labeled as 2017 because that’s when the book was published. But it’s still very exciting.

Want your very own copy? You can order Moon Alaska from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and IndieBound, buy it at most major bookstores, or ask me for a copy at one of my upcoming book signings — I usually have a few with me!

P.S. Here’s a nifty little factoid: The gorgeous cover image of the current edition was taken by a friend of mine, Chris Richardson, who also happens to be a very talented Irish musician.

P.P.S. New edition coming in early 2020!

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