The second edition of Moon Alaska is now available!

It’s always exciting to receive a big box of author copies in the mail when a new book — or a new edition — first comes off the press. But when the second edition of my “Moon Alaska” travel guide arrived, it was a little more exciting than usual… because it happened in the middle of a global pandemic.

How’s that for timing? Putting the rhetorical nature of that question aside, the truth is that nobody knows; we’re all navigating uncharted territory here.

That said, as travel restrictions slowly reopen — and maybe close, then reopen again — it’s clear that people are hungry to be on the move, whether in their home state or elsewhere. And I was delighted to receive this fantastic, staycation-oriented review from David Levine in the Anchorage Daily News.

My hope is that Moon Alaska will continue to serve as a trusted, inspiring guide for responsible travel — whether that’s a staycation now, or a carefully planned trip from another state or country.

Travel circumstances always change faster than guidebook publishers can keep up, but that’s especially true during the age of COVID. With that in mind, I encourage you to please stay in close contact with your lodgings/tour operators to verify their ability and keep abreast of the latest changes in their services.

I’ve also launched a website, Come to Alaska, to help keep readers updated on changes to Moon Alaska, and will be adding bonus content and travel information that wouldn’t fit in the book itself. It’s a work in progress that’s just getting started, but I’m excited to keep sharing what I know and love about this state. Please check back often, because I’ll be adding new content every week.

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