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spring in alaska iiThis is my world. It might look a little cold at first, but it’s the starting point from which all my inspiration takes flight. Besides, for at least six months out of the year it looks more like this:


Alaska is a place where I can plant my feet and remember that I stand on the shoulders of those who came before. Maybe if I live this life well, I’ll find myself in a position to support and inspire the next generation of writers, dreamers, dancers and doers.

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  1. Daniel Rosenthal

    The city of Los Angeles, California has two mountain ranges within the city limits–the Santa Monica
    Mountains and Verdugo Mountains, and several others–the San Gabriel Mountains, Santa Susana
    Mountains, and Simi Hills (the latter are really a series of rock formations and are more suited to
    technical rock climbing than hiking) on the periphery. The San Gabriel Mountains are over 10,000′
    and are covered in snow and ice in winter–ice axes and crampons are recommended for the higher
    peaks in winter. It is possible to go hiking, rock climbing–REAL rock climbing not climbing in a gym–and even do some technical mountaineering without leaving the city limits. The Santa Monica mountains start at Griffith Park just north of downtown Los Angeles and extend westward for 46 miles
    to the edge of the city of Camarillo in Ventura County. They are about 3100′ at the highest point–
    but that is 3100′ from sea level. The San Fernando Valley is bordered by the Santa Monica Mountains
    on the South, The San Gabriel Mountains on the Northeast; and the Santa Susana Mountains on the
    Northwest. The Verdugo Mountains and their satellite range, the San Rafael Hills are a short
    cross range which connects the Santa Monica Mountains with the San Gabriel Mountains, and the
    Simi Hills are another short cross range which connect the Santa Monica Mountains with the Santa
    Susana Mountains. A narrow pass separates the Santa Susana Mountains from the San Gabriels;
    like the Santa Monica, they are east-west trending ranges. Unfortunately, surrounded by five
    Mountain ranges, the San Fernando Valley is a smog trap. (I have heard that Ashville, North Carolina
    has a similar problem, being between the Great Smokey and Blue ridge mountains.) I have had some interesting experiences in both the Santa Monicas and San Gabriels–on Saddle peak in the former,
    Josephine peak in the latter. Both times I was with a (Sierra Club) group and we were above the
    cloud layer–we could not see anything below us; just the tops of the clouds.

  2. Nice article in today’s paper!

    You’re right; Dave is an outstanding instructor. Very patient, with a gentle spirit. His approach and Jim’s complement each other very nicely.

    Hey, if you all are looking for a paddling partner this summer, look me up. I don’t have a sea kayak, but I’m equipped for flatwater or whitewater.

    -Scott Gruhn

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