In 2005, I published my very first article — a story about hiking — in the Anchorage Press. That turned into a weekly outdoors column that lasted about five years before ballooning into a deal for a hiking guidebook, a stint as the nationwide hiking/backpacking expert for, and intensive outdoors reporting for a number of Alaskan and national publications.

What makes me special as an outdoors writer? I “walk my talk,” seizing every chance I get to hike, bike, fish, climb, paddle and just generally enjoy the giant outdoor playground that is Alaska. And I think readers can tell. Click the images below to see some examples of my recently published outdoors work.


clear bear print portrait view

How to play safely in bear country (Alaska Dispatch News)


Of Bears and Blue Lakes: Hiking the Reed Lakes trail (Alaska magazine)


Fly fishing for women, led by Cecilia “Pudge” Kleinkauf (Alaska magazine)


A look into operations at Alaska Mountaineering School (Anchorage Press)

ADN Dipnetting cover

Dipnetting for sockeye salmon on the Kenai Peninsula (Alaska Dispatch News)

50 hikes cover

50 hikes within 30 minutes of Anchorage (Countryman Press)