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My new favorite tools for recording interviews

A couple of years ago, I purchased the Sound Studio Mac app to mix a couple of songs together for an ill-fated salsa/bachata performance. More on that… never. I felt pretty decent about it at the time,

Just fiddling around

  For the last six years or so, I’ve had the pleasure of learning how to do Irish dancing at the local sessions.* That does include a bit of step dancing (the Riverdance-type stuff most people think

Pole up!

  Nope, that’s not me… but it might be one day! Although I stay active and am still in pretty good shape, I miss the great horsepower-to-weight ratio I used to have. (Translation: I’m a little heavier and

New hiking guidebook on the way!

  I love writing about hiking — just in case you hadn’t noticed! So I’m especially thrilled to share that I’m now working on a second hiking guidebook, this one through Mountaineers Books. The new book will focus exclusively

Another editor haiku

First-world editor’s problem: Googling how to spell LL Cool J. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

A modern editor’s haiku…

Clipboard and red pen. Relaxing. Born in wrong age? Crap — made a typo. Photo: “Red Pen” by Jenny Kaczorowski on Flickr. Via a Creative Commons Attributions license.

Stuck on level 102…

Good writer: Applies herself studiously, never misses a deadline, and spends all her free time reading as a way of bettering her craft. Bad writer: Is getting pretty good at Candy Crush. But hey, at least she’s not alone!

Applied (appliance?) wisdom

I had to have my refrigerator worked on the other day. Its temperature fluctuations were noticeable enough that I went out and bought a special refrigerator thermometer to take its temperature — sure enough, even with the

Office for a day

This is where I spent the afternoon working. Self-employment: I think I’m doing it right. That said, I was a little perplexed when climbers showed up atop the cliff next door — and I think they might

Day job

I like to say that I don’t work at home–I live at work, which means I can never entirely escape. I wake up and the laptop is there, staring at me–reminding me that because I live in